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MY Pretty Pick of The Week:Vintage Wedding Rings!

Hello lovelies! I have been away from the blog for quite some time now,I have been so busy trying to have a life of some sort! I’m so used to planning events,or being asked advice these past few days all I had to do was show up and look pretty.Saturday while at a fundraiser,I met a woman whose husband had given her an engagement brooch instead of a ring.It was an old vintage brooch,made with a cluster of pearls around a round gold frame.It was beautiful and precious,and I honestly wouldn’t mind accepting that brooch over a ring.It made me start thinking of the type of wedding/engagementring I would want.I think I would opt for a more vintage simple and classic look .



You Won’t Believe The Origin Of This Wedding Tradition!

One of the oldest wedding traditions is for a bride to carry a bouquet down the aisle. Most of us never think twice about it,It is just something that we know should be done. This tradition took root during the Middle Ages in Europe.At a time where hygiene was not the biggest concern,and indoor plumbing was not a luxury men and women only bathed once or twice a year! So when brides were getting married they carried a bouquet of flowers to mask their scent! What? I know,amazing how things come about! 

A Trash The Dress Photo Shoot on Roller Skates!

Time is a funny thing,years ago most brides wanted to keep their wedding dresses for generations,and pass it down to their daughters,and their daughter would continue to pass it down. Then zip back to 2010 and the hottest thing for a bride to do is trash her dress! I think these two options are appealing,on one hand your keeping the memory of your wedding and the other hand your creating a fun new memory. I would don’t know if I would be able to trash a dress that cost thousands of dollars,but I guess to each her own.I did come across this really beautiful photo shoot,of a bride trashing her dress on skates. The couple looks like they are having a ton of fun,plus they are so Quirky and cute! 


Check OUt This Adorable Green Eggs and Ham Themed Birthday Party!


Dr.Suess couldn’t have thrown a better party! Such an original and cute idea! 

I Looked Up Gourmet SPAM,And this is what I Found!

Hello cyberlovelies,if you have been following my twitter,you would know that one of my brides asked me for a SPAM buffet! Yes,no typo a SPam buffet. A buffet of the infamous processed pork item. Though I was (am) slightly appalled by  the idea,I actually googled gourmet SPAM and this is what I found! I even found a recipe from Gourmet Magazine!(gasp)

Interesting No?

an excerpt from the article

I put the Spam into a pan just as my husband walked through the kitchen. “What’s going on here?” he asked. I explained. “Stand back, scary blogging,” he concluded, retreating to the basement with his guitar. The oil didn’t smoke nearly as much as I thought it would, and the “Lite” Spam popped and sputtered satisfyingly as it fried. Finally, the moment of truth: Spam on toast. I cut it into quarters, then bit in: A little bacony, a little crisp, a little warm—I’ve had worse. Then I had the idea of putting some Sriracha hot sauce on it: Good! Not my comfort food, but definitely recognizable as someone else’s. Of course, all this frying and mayonnaise erased the heart-healthy premise all these products are based on, but I’ll be damned if I was going eat a salad made of this stuff.”

Fried Hawaiian noodles,with spam(dare I say it looks appetizing)

it was even compared to salmon cakes(really)

I’m not jumping on the spamwagon anytime soon,but maybe with a little creativity I can get out of this alive….I hope.

Check out My Guest Post on AM Photography

Hello cyberlovelies! Head on over to AM Photogrpahy’s Blog for my guest post on choosing flowers on a shoe string budget.Also check out  their lovely  website and I give you permission to get lost in all of their beautiful pictures! GoHere!

How Do You Feel About A Twilight Themed Wedding?

Yes,Yes twilight is a guilty pleasure of mine(don’t judge me) but the buck stop there. When I began hearing about the crazed trend of having a twilight themed wedding,I wanted to run for the marital hills. But this stylish wedding is making me rethink my whole stance on the trend.The details are luxe,sensual,romantic without being tacky and literal. Even the bride and groom’s vampire look is beautifully executed.I can definitely sink my teeth into this(pun absolutely intended,I couldn’t resist.)


Unexpected and Unique Cake Toppers



Ron pope - Your The Reason I Come Home

Lovely Pink Moodboard


I am usually not a pink kind of gal,but I would absolutely make an exception for these lovely items!